Session 21, indoors

The early nights have brought us indoors now. That limits us to 20 yards at the local sport centre.

It offers the opportunity to shoot a lot more rounds and there’s no more waiting for people to find arrows.

I shot lots of arrows to just get practice in, and strengthen myself, but then got sluggish so, on advice, reduced my ends to three arrows and tried to make them count. None were especially impressive, but I was able to compare my performance to six months ago when I was shooting in here during the beginners’ course.

It’s like that gold has a repellant magnet behind it!

Back then I shot sighted recurve, now I’m barebow. Back then we aimed at a full target (or balloons) and now they’re smaller targets. By and large, I didn’t miss the target, and most of my arrows hit fairly centrally. Left and right I was quite accurate, up and down not so much. I’m told again this is largely an anchoring issue.

Anyway, there should be plenty of time to work on this over winter.