Field shoot and barbecue 

Another private field shoot. Some new faces for this site and a lot of good company. This is what it’s about: being out in the fresh air, in amongst the trees, good company, no pressure, and lots of tricky targets to have fun with.

I shot the course worse than ever before. At the end, while waiting for the barbecue, I found a target and just shot at it. And kept shooting on my own. Somehow, I suddenly got my eye in. It just happened. Partly it was because I suddenly noticed how bad my string picture was. It sounds crazy, but I’d forgotten all about it and so had developed bad habits. Suddenly everything did what I wanted and when a group of us went for the swinging roundel, my first shot looked like this.

I’m still really enjoying field shooting and am looking forward to it all starting up again across the county in October for the winter season. That said, I’m also looking forward to shooting endless ends at 20 yards indoors because I feel the consistency and more rapid frequency of it will help me work on technique.

Managed not to lose any arrows. That’s always a bonus. But I later discovered one had a hairline fracture down it, so I snapped it to take it out of circulation. First time I’ve done that. Felt like ripping a fiver in half. 

I have plans to buy new arrows before the countywide shoot coming up. I have 5 that are the same, and 3 that are the same but not as straight as they could be. Definitely time for some new ones.


One thought on “Field shoot and barbecue 

  1. Having to snap a quality wood arrow is much worse than ripping a fiver in half. The torn fiver can be taken to a bank and be replaced by a whole one, not so that arrow! Sounds like you had fun (some forget that is why we shoot)!

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