Went to a private field shoot this morning. Just 18 targets and finished by lunch. Weather had been wet but dried up nicely as we started, although remained boggy underfoot.

Here was one of the shots, between tree branches… 

Which resulted in this kind of thing…

A lot of the targets were fun to shoot. 

On this one, whatever was scored on the picture of the fox was doubled by hitting the dangling roundel with a fourth arrow. 

It was a fun morning out, but I was also pleased with my progress. I scored more highly than last time I did this shoot, missed an awful lot less, didn’t lose any arrows, and, wonderfully, didn’t smash any. More than anything recently, this has shown me that I am making progress, and having that confirmation is very encouraging.

I was also advised that the brace length of my newish bow had decreased, so by winding the string a few times this was fixed and, in theory, will make it easier to shoot. Presumably this narrowing of the distance between the bow and the string has been happening for some time, hopefully it’s one less thing going wrong from now on. Another lesson learned.

I also had an archer talk me through his method of making arrows. I can’t remember it all, but it didn’t seem too difficult. I’m definitely going to give this a go at some point.


2 thoughts on “Field shoot

  1. String stretch, resulting in a lower brace height, is common especially with new bow strings (new bow, new bowstrings). Consequently, serious recurve archers check their brace height every time they set up their bow, If you use a bow square (tool made for this purposes) you can put a piece of tape on it where the bowstring hits and mark the tape (both front and back) where the string is. Then after you brace your bow, you slap your bow square up and if the string is between the two marks, then you are good to go. (Other thanks can be used, a simple ruler for example, and the tape trick works quite nicely.)

    This is favored over an actual measurement which then has to be compared with a prior measurement and, just where did I write that darned thing down?

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