Session 6

Fortunately this felt like a continuation of the progress made in session 5.

Relaxing into a stance where I’m lined up with the boss, pressing forward with the bow while drawing to my anchor point and, particularly, concentrating on not twisting the string – this made a huge difference and I can see it is a mistake that has accounted for a lot of my errant arrows. Release seems naturally a bit better because of it. 

I shot quite well on the 30 yard boss, so because it was busy moved to 40 yards. Quite a lot of arrows were going under, so adjusting for distance is still an issue and I plan to go back to shorter distances next week.

40 yards. Starting to get some sort of control over what’s happening using my hybrid and the wooden arrows.

What’s amazing is the feeling that you’ve got it just right. It’s true that you can sense it the moment you release. You just know everything came together correctly on that shot and you witness the arrow strike the middle of the gold. 

40 yards.

The trouble is replicating those shots. It’s nigh on impossible to remember every little choice made during the set up. I guess that’s why I’m trying to find a way to make each part of the process work for me, then I can adjust as necessary. The problem is being such a beginner that some things don’t work at all and I watch an arrow sail off in some unpredictable way over, under or to the side of the boss.

When it doesn’t go to plan.

After a while the 40 yard boss started to get busy so I moved to 50 yards, which was more a miss than hit affair at times, but usually looked a bit like this. 

50 yards (45.72 metres). Note that both colours of fletching are my arrows.

I just need more practice. Again, 2 hour club session seemed too short. I’m missing a session but back again next week. Also got a field shoot or two coming up.

What was of interest tonight was meeting a new member of the club’s committee and being told about the 252 scheme. This is basically a badge scheme where you get a coloured badge if you score 252 within a set amount of shots. For barebow, if you shoot 252 in under 72 (six dozen) arrows at 20 yards you get a badge. You get a different coloured badge if you do 30 yards, etc. And for recurve there’s less shots and for compound less again. Scoring is done with gold being 9, red 7, blue 5, black 3, white 1.

Some quick calculations: 252/7=36 or 252/5=50.4

So, if I just hit red 36 times out of 72, I’d get the badge. Or, blue 51 times. Surely this can’t be too hard at 20 or 30 yards? (Famous last words?) 

Apparently getting this score is a good indicator that you are ready to move to the next distance up. No idea if I can do this or not, but it’ll be fun finding out.


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