Session 4

It’s very hard to take a particular lesson away from tonight’s session. I just feel I shot badly from start to finish, with a glimmer of hope in the middle. There was a few good shots where I felt I was starting to progress, but then I’d lose a few arrows past the side of the boss and not really know why. 

I was shooting a target at 30 yards with my eight remaining arrows. I pulled one out of the boss at a bit of an angle and then I had seven arrows. 

At least my stand works nicely. Here it is next to my broken arrow. 

Coach said not to worry too much about if the arrows were too high or low, but concentrate on trying to group them and getting them centred on the horizontal plane (so not too far left or right). I understand the logic, but they were very rarely going where I wanted anyway. 

I started to make a little progress at one point. You can see some horizontal consistency in this end here:

But I guess that was the peak, and not a very impressive peak at that. I probably started getting tired at that point because it all went to pot and then I twanged the string off my upper arm a few times (current bracer only covers lower arm). I’m going to need to get a longer arm guard until I stop making the odd sloppy shot and letting my elbow over-extend. There was a definite bell curve to my shooting tonight. It got better as time went on, then just as I felt I was getting to grips with it, it started slipping again and got worse and worse. Probably I’m still getting used to the 40lb bow. 

Self reflection: I haven’t got a good anchor yet. My release is sometimes poor and I pluck the string. My bow arm is still not always positioned rightly. And my aim ain’t great. That’s what I’m sure of. And I only have 7 arrows left.

However, I’m still enjoying it for all that. Glorious weather tonight and good company.

3 thoughts on “Session 4

  1. Forgot all the bad shots and remember the good. You’ll have nights where it doesn’t go your way. Don’t get frustrated by that just remember that you’re shooting a bow and arrow and that should make you smile. Keep at it and your stand looks great

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  2. Being judgmental doesn’t help. practice is … practice. Some sessions are better than others but judging yourself does not help. On what do you base those judgments? Your expectations? Your expectations are not based upon anything but wishful thinking here.

    The first goal toward getting round groups is to get your groups narrow. If your groups are narrow, you have good full draw position and relaxed hands. Getting the narrow groups to be round involved learning how to aim. (haven’t good alignment with relaxed hands means your arrows will go out from your bow in the same plane the arrow is in while on your bow, which is visible to your aiming eye. To get your groups round, you have to control the vertical position of your bow, which can be done easily, if you do not try (at first), just let it happen. Your subconscious mind will do all that is needed … as long as you do not judge your shots (Oh, that was a good one … that was a bad one. No, no, no. Expert archers know whether they have made a good shot before the arrow lands … meaning it has nothing to do with how an arrow scores.

    Keep your chin up, you are doing well.

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