A longbow rest/stand/holder

Having already experienced the joys of archery in wet mud, I’ve been looking at what to put my bow on when out and about. 

During the recent field shoot, I was lucky enough to have a loan of what was essentially a walking stick with a spike on the bottom and some sort of horn antler arrangement at the top for resting a bow against.

So, I’ve spent ages googling “bow stand” and then “bow holder” trying to find one of these, but all I got were telescopic things for recurves and clip-on ones for compounds. 

Eventually, I stumbled upon the term “bow rest” and realised specifying “longbow rest” or “wooden horn bow rest” worked better.

Ultimately, I found these antler bow stands here but they were expensive at about £50. Someone in our club had made one just from a branch that split in two at the top and by hammering a chisel bit into the bottom in place of a ground spike. I think I will probably go down that route.

In my searching travels, I also came across metal ground quivers which can also hold a bow, but I’d seen a wooden one at the club for a hybrid longbow and that had been created by its owner. I am not that handy at woodwork, so I eventually found them for sale here, but they’re also rather pricey at £30+

Yet this is something that I could really do with for outdoor target shooting. It’s just something to hold the bow off the ground and keep it dry while chatting or collecting arrows.

I was just about to settle for a metal Cartel ground quiver for about £12 inc. postage when… 

… miraculously, after spending far too long searching for such things, I found (and bought) this second hand item on eBay for a fiver:

Not a bad find! 

Update: When I was in the shop buying my bow, I asked the salesman-archer if he had those walking sticks/bow rests with the ground spike and antlers atop. (I knew they used to sell them because of a dead link I found online.) Well, it turns out he used to make them and it was he who sold them to the company online that still stocks them. He told me to get a roe antler for a few quid off eBay, a birch staff, and attach with 2-part epoxy resin. Then drill a hole in the bottom for a tent peg with the hook sawn off. I might well give this a go as it’ll be a lot cheaper than the £50 they are online.

3 thoughts on “A longbow rest/stand/holder

  1. Three years into shooting and I skill haven’t purchased a stand. Luckily when I’m outdoor there’s a club stand – very much like the antler one but all wood – that the longbow guys all use at the same time and in winter there’s another contraption that someone has left that we all use. When your out doors hences and sleeping spectators also make great make shift bow stands

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