Two more things

While I remember… 

During the 3D shoot, the men’s barebow winner told me that, apart from years of practice, the answer is to tune your equipment. He pointed out most people can’t be bothered, so they never score as well as they could. Indeed, when I shared this info with another beginner they said immediately, “Oh, but who can be bothered doing all that?” 

I had asked what tuning was and the simplified response, while scoring a shot on the 3D range, was, to summarise: altering the nocking point on the string until it hits a sweet spot that feels just right, then shooting long bare-shafts and cutting them down until they’re just right, meaning the “spine” or stiffness of them is just right. 

So, of course, I plan to do this, but maybe not until my next-again bow, with new arrows, when I’ve got 6 months to a year in hand and my shooting is more consistent and my understanding great enough to be able to determine what qualifies as right. 

On that note, making my own arrows sounds like it will be necessary. I’m told a good jig only costs about £40. And I like the idea of disappearing into the garage to make my own arrows, there’s something romantic about that idea, like it’s a type of meditation. 

The second thing I learnt was that Henry Bodnik (of Bearpaw bows) wrote a book about instinctive archery. This I need to track down.

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