Lesson 6 of 6

This lesson started with my getting new arrows. They were aluminium ones, quite fat, made by Easton. As they were old club-owned arrows, one coach span them individually on the side of another arrow to see if they were straight. I hadn’t seen this done before.

We shot some ends, and I picked up where I left off – using the club’s 26lb recurve without a sight and shooting three fingers under. I was doing better than I’d done in the previous lessons and definitely felt I’d found something that worked for me.

We then got given score sheets for the competition, which was the finale of the course. I shot against two other beginner seniors on a single target. The younger beginners were also split into groups. We shot at the target and scored with the central gold circle being 10 down to the final white ring which was 1. We shot 16 ends of 3 arrows each and I managed not to miss the target once, unlike everyone else, and hit the gold (9 or 10 points) twenty two times, so I won outright with a score of 388 which was about a hundred higher than anyone else. I won the chocolate bar again. However, the “inner core strength” issue, or wobbliness, is still obviously apparent to the well trained eye of the coaches. The names Spaghetti Man and Mr Pasta were, this time, eschewed for the simpler and more amusing nickname spag bol.


This is my score sheet. The layout was simplified for us beginners.

But the real excitement of the night was getting my certificate saying I’ve completed the course and joining the local club. This also joins me to Archery GB which means I can now shoot in pretty much any club in the UK. Archery GB also send you a quarterly magazine. I managed to grab a couple going spare in the club to read sometime, dating from 2016.

Meanwhile, also ordered a three finger under-style tab and a Win & Win arrow puller from Merlin Archery. Still not ready to buy a bow yet though… still struggling to decide what to get, but I like what Traditional Jester said in a comment on a previous post about his “longbow is a cannon whilst my flatbow is a sniper rifle” because although I want to shoot longbow, I want to get good at archery first and I think I’d be happier with something with which I can learn to shoot accurately. This makes me think it’d be better if I bought a longbow in 6 or 12 months time, after I’ve had a good amount of time to get used to shooting something that will give me a bit more feedback about my accuracy and progression, or lack thereof.

One thought on “Lesson 6 of 6

  1. To follow on from my initial comment I’d shoot a few types of bow and see what you like the feel of. You’ll get accurate with any type of bow. Go with what you like. If it helps I’m more consistent with my longbow as I’ve been shooting it a lot longer. Practice is the key.

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