I’ve discovered that the first book written about archery in the English language was Toxophilus 1545 by Roger Ascham. It’s available for download online as it’s long since out of copyright. I’ve had a glance through it and it’s not going to be an easy read, but I hope some day to have a go at it. 

It can be read or downloaded in various formats here

2 thoughts on “Toxophilus

  1. Great find. I’ve come across some sections on toxophilus in several books I’ve read about the English Longbow. The insight it gave was really interesting, however, Ascham does leave some information out as he assumes that the reader would already know about it, which I suppose you would have if you were a contemporary reader.
    To qoute Ascham
    ‘What good thynges men [s]peake of [s]hoting and what good thinges [s]hooting bringes to men’.

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