Quivers and things

One thing I haven’t done yet is buy any equipment. There’s lots to think about just trying to determine what bow to get, nevermind the plethora of other accoutrements out there. 

I’ve read about people half-filling their quivers with oats to stop the arrows rattling together (probably hunters). One person had a magnet in their back quiver to hold the arrow tips. This stops them falling out when bending over, and gives them a reassuring click when you put them in it.

Metal strips can be applied to wooden arrows so they can be found by a metal detector if you’ve been shooting out in the field or at outdoor targets and lost one. There’s also glow in the dark paint so you can go back at night and find arrows more easily.

No doubt there’s a host of different little tricks-of-the trade like these, and I look forward to learning more and finding out if they’re actually useful. But the first hurdle is getting to the point where I can get my own equipment and I’m not even close yet – still three more beginner lessons to go!

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