Learning Stuff

At this point, every page I read in Bow International magazine is a learning experience. In fact, every YouTube video is too. 

When I was trying out a flatbow the other day, I kept losing the arrow off the bow. It would fall off to the left.

I’ve just read a letter in the magazine saying this is caused by the middle finger on the string touching the underneath of the arrow slightly. Easy to fix. I wish I’d realised that was all I was doing wrong, because I felt like an idiot with no coordination at all.

Interestingly, one of the lessons I took from that session was to keep my fingers wider when using the Mediterranean style draw (one finger above, two under the arrow), although I just accepted this advice as being to do with good form, I didn’t realise it was also designed to fix that particular problem.

I’ve also just learnt that narrower arrows are better when you’re outside because they’re less likely to drift in the wind than fatter arrows (for fairly obvious reasons). So there’s something else. 

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