Beginner’s routine

So, thinking about this list I have, I realise that I can add to it and make a routine for myself to iron out the faults I know I started with.

1. Stance – thinking about it, my feet are probably in a different position each time. I’m going to start planting the right one an inch from, and parallel to the line. The other foot will be 45 degrees off and I’ll work out where to put the heel and toes next week if I remember.

2. Nock arrow – remember to put the index vane towards you, don’t clout anyone with the bow as you’re doing it, and make sure the arrow’s nock is right up against the nocking point on the string.

3. Set hands – Left hand: need to ring the bow with index and thumb and tuck other three fingers in, to rotate arm into correct position and have bow press fleshy part of thumb-palm. Right hand: keep those fingers apart so they don’t touch the arrow on release.

4. Prepare – Keep shoulders low and make sure arm is rotated correctly.

5. Raise bow – have a look at the place you’re going to hit as you raise, get a sense of where the bull’s eye is.

6. Draw – strike back strongly with the elbow using shoulder muscles, let the left hand go loose on the bow

7. Anchor and aim – touch string to nose, lips, chin and have right hand in same place each time. Move string behind bow, so it’s not behind the sight. Focus on bull’s eye and let the center of the sight come to rest over that point.

8. Release and follow through – make sure fingers are still apart, that bow string hasn’t shrunk due to holding it drawn for too long, and release smoothly.

That’s it, I think. That’s all I’ve got so far.

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