Session 21, indoors

The early nights have brought us indoors now. That limits us to 20 yards at the local sport centre.

It offers the opportunity to shoot a lot more rounds and there’s no more waiting for people to find arrows.

I shot lots of arrows to just get practice in, and strengthen myself, but then got sluggish so, on advice, reduced my ends to three arrows and tried to make them count. None were especially impressive, but I was able to compare my performance to six months ago when I was shooting in here during the beginners’ course.

It’s like that gold has a repellant magnet behind it!

Back then I shot sighted recurve, now I’m barebow. Back then we aimed at a full target (or balloons) and now they’re smaller targets. By and large, I didn’t miss the target, and most of my arrows hit fairly centrally. Left and right I was quite accurate, up and down not so much. I’m told again this is largely an anchoring issue.

Anyway, there should be plenty of time to work on this over winter.

Session 19, 20 and field shoot

The nights draw in and the drizzle starts. Had just enough time on these last two outdoor club nights to try the 252 at 40 yards and fail miserably.

However, we had a good Saturday shooting in the field which made up for it. Broke one of my new arrows though. Next time I’m buying carbons.

Session 18

Thought I’d try my new arrows and further-cut-down tab on the 40 yard 252 challenge tonight. I scored 185. This was actually a bit worse than I scored last time. Crazy! I had a mixed bag of arrows last time.

I scored 199 last time. I guess anyone can accidentally strike a lucky once-off though. 

The other time, when ill, I got 120.

In truth, I only had about two hours sleep last night so I guess that affected performance. At least, I’m pinning my excuses on that.

I’m running out of time to get the 40 yard badge before we go indoors, but I guess it’s not that important. I’ll get a lot of practice and hopefully coaching during the indoor season at under 25 yards. 

My most spectacular shot tonight was through the rope… 

After my failed 252 attempt, I shot a last few ends at the 20 yards before the sun vanished behind dark clouds and the rain started.

Here’s a few pictures. 11 arrows in each.

So, here I have a sort of column of arrows:

Then a gold group, a higher group, and a few lower stragglers:

And here, erm, someone placed a repellent magnet behind the gold, so my perfectly aimed arrows all diverted away to the red. 

I think the last was an ‘I’m tired and I give up’ end. What I’m getting from the other two ends is that my left to right accuracy isn’t too bad, but my draw length is not consistent. I think.

One thing I did notice, though, was that I’d not worn a bracer all night. No need. So, as measures of progress go, I’m past the ‘chopped liver bicep’ stage. That’s something.

Archaeology of Archery

A friend with an interest in lithics leant me this book by Alf Webb.

It looks at various types of early bows, their creation, and then arrows, arrowheads, release techniques, and archery accessories.

I found a number of interesting anecdotes, but the development of early archery (including a discussion of pyking early recurve bows) was an interesting topic in itself.

It’s a short book and certainly satisfied my desire to learn a little something about early archery, such as where self bows used to snap or the construction of longbows in 3000BC.